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[Unimpressed] Review: Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cream

12 October 2015


Back in 2013, I was new to the world of CC creams and I came across this product which had a near-cult status in Korea. For a newbie (CC creams? I barely just got the hang of BB creams!), it beckoned to me like a shining beacon in the dark to a lost traveller.

I purchased it with a heart full of anticipation. What was this tube of magic going to do for me?!

Now, 2 years later (and with a proper beauty review blog), I can finally share the thoughts that I have kept welled up inside.

Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cream

Have you heard of YMMV? Aka “your mileage may vary”, meaning what someone gets out of a product may be polar opposites from the next person. And this product showed me the full meaning of this phrase.

The product that so many people love and rave about was… nothing more than an oily-looking sheen on my face. Not a healthy, dewy, glow. But resembling more like a mini oil spill on my face.

Looking at the tube, there are 3 claims:

  • Whitening? Yes, I think I look fairer… no wait. That might just be a trick of the light reflecting off all the shine.
  • Moisturizing? If you consider the amount of shine as a sign of moisture, then yes. It’s bloody moisturizing.
  • Color control? None to speak of, which is an utter disgrace to the CC cream label.

Of the three, I was most annoyed about the complete absence of color control. I mean, this IS a CC cream, right? It’s like saying “Here’s a printer. It doesn’t actually print though, FYI. But yes, it’s called a printer.”


Yes, I know that the YMMV phrase exists for a reason, but it doesn’t make my experience any less annoying, nor any less disappointing. In fact, it’s all the more amplified because it is such a popular and famous product that apparently worked so well for others. Just not me :(

This was the first CC cream I’ve ever tried and it almost turned me off CC creams forever because I thought CC creams were just a marketing fad. Thankfully, my serendipitous encounter with Nature Republic’s Snail CC Vital Cream patched my wounds and showed me what a CC cream should really be like.

This CC Cream doesn’t work for me. At all. But it may work for you. YMMV is a double-edged sword, all right.

Rating: 2/5



I no longer remember as it was so long ago, but Amazon is selling it for $20 now, and, S$23.

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