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Review: Nature Republic Snail CC Vital Cream

24 July 2015


I’m quite new to the whole CC cream scene and this is only the second one I’ve ever tried.

To be honest, I almost gave up on CC creams when my first experience with a CC cream – a highly raved CC cream, no less – was nothing but a tube of disappointment. But that’s a story for another time, possibly in a future review.

I didn’t think of trying CC creams again, but when I was shopping around in the Nature Republic store, the saleslady introduced me to this. She demo-ed an application on her hand and I was SOLD INSTANTLY.

The moment I saw what this CC cream did, my eyes went big and I immediately responded “OK! I’LL BUY THIS!!!” I may or may not have I shouted.


For the uninitiated, CC cream refers to color correcting cream, and is supposed to help even skin tone and correct redness or sallowness.

This pink bottle here is the Vital Cream, and there is a sibling called the Brightening Cream which comes in a blue bottle. The difference between the two is that Vital Cream has moisturizing properties while Brightening Cream gives a pinkish skin tone effect.

How to use

I use this after my usual basic routine (moisturizer, sunscreen).

I use this CC cream on its own instead of layering BB cream or foundation on top of it because I like to keep it light and dislike wearing so many layers.

Half a pump is more than sufficient for my face. If you have a very small face (lucky you! and I hate you btw.) then you could probably get away with lesser. In fact, start with the lesser the better, because 1) thick layers don’t stack well, and 2) you cannot return excess to the bottle.


This is a push-pump – I totally just made up the name. Is there even a proper name for these things? – bottle that dispenses the product from the top.

I don’t really like the packaging because it is difficult to exert the exact force required to dispense the precise amount you need, and I’m often left with excess that I have to wipe up and throw away. You could leave the excess in the bottle till your next use, but I don’t do it because I’m OCD like that.

Another thing is that I cannot see how much product there is left. Shaking the bottle does not produce any sound (likely because it’s spring-loaded) so it’s not possible to gauge via that method either.

Texture & Scent

It is a light pink, soft, fluffy cream that can be easily smoothed onto the skin.

The scent is light and pleasant, and does not linger. I no longer smell it by the time I finish application of the cream.


This was what sold me on this product!

Watch carefully!


The cream changed color as I blended it out! From light pink to skin tone!

Sorry if I’m behaving like I just emerged from the caves, but… isn’t this amazing? (or is it really just me?)

I like it because apart from the little magic show it does up there, I find it really does even out my skin tone as well as brighten it!

The cream is comfortable to wear and remains quite matte on my skin despite the moisturizing aspect of it (as you can see from the photo).


I like this product simply because… it works.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do, which is to correct redness and even out the skin tone. As a result, my skin looks brighter and healthier. I have to say I love the way my skin looks! ;D

Rating: 4/5



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S$17.90 on

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