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Review: Berrisom SOS! My Lip Patch

31 August 2015


While buying Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack, I saw this and I thought, hey, if Berrisom makes such revolutionary lip tints, maybe they’re some kind of lip specialist brand and are on to something for lip masks too? Plus, I might as well make take advantage of the free shipping my order already had, right? Yeah, I’m a bit of an expert in justifying purchases.


My lips have been out of whack lately, feeling fine the whole day but right before I go to bed, it starts developing this tingling feeling, the kind I usually get when my lips are parched. They look entirely fine though, completely smooth with no peeling or any sign of dryness. Super weird. I can only assume they are reacting out of extreme excitement or fear for bedtime.

I decided to break out this lip patch in an attempt to calm them down, since this mask contains collagen, peptide, hyaluronic acid – good stuff for hydrating!

It’s a very thin jelly-like mask, much like a hydrogel mask. It has a very light peach scent, which I like! The mask clings to the lips readily, so no need to fear it sliding down halfway through. I left it on for 30 mins and it didn’t shift at all.


Immediately after removing the mask, my first thought was “Wow, my lips feel like they’re shrivelled prunes!” You know, the same feeling you get when you soak your fingers or toes in the water for a long time.


I waited till the next morning before passing judgement.

The answer is… nope. This lip pack did not help hydrate nor improve my lips in any way. Extra point deducted for making my lips feel the opposite of what is supposed to do.

They’re fun to wear if you want a cooling sensation on your lips, to stick on your window as decoration, or maybe for a laugh as a game penalty. But that’s all they are to me: A novelty and nothing more.

Rating: 2/5



I bought it for $2.90 from Wishtrend.

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