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Review: Pure Smile Edo Art Mask – A Fun Mask to Try!

30 December 2015

Pure Smile - Art-Mask

Wow, has it really been a month since my last post? The holiday season as well as my sister visiting (for 2 whole weeks!) really got the better of my time. But in turn, I have several posts planned since I got a chance to try out several interesting products during the time I was away, and this is one of them!

Since I only get to see my sister about once a year, I wanted to create some special memories together. When I saw these at the drugstore, I knew I had to get them!

Pure Smile Edo Art Mask

Pure Smile has many (normal) face mask sheets, but this Edo Art Mask series is special because it has Edo-style faces printed on each mask sheet, injecting laughter into what would otherwise have been a mundane masking session.

See for yourself!



The moment we both saw each other with the mask on, we erupted into uncontrollable laughter! We took a while to calm down before we could even take photos together lol.

There are a total of four designs in this Edo series:

Pure Smile - Edo Art Mask

Ingredients of the mask is not my primary concern, but if you’re interested, this is what the mask contains:

Key ingredients: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E

I don’t know how some people managed to have the mask aligned and matching their facial parts perfectly, because we had to fidget quite a bit with the mask and the piece for the nose was clearly too short. Needless to say, our efforts in arranging the mask were for naught because every time we looked at each other, we would crack up in laughter and the mask would shift out of position and bunch up -_-

The mask itself is very thin and soft, and feels as comfortable as if it’s a second skin. However, the thinness might be the same reason why it cannot hold as much essence as thicker masks. There was a fair bit of essence left in the packet and after patting as much as possible on the mask sheet, we poured the remaining out and applied it over our bodies.

It is supposed to smell like matcha, and while the scent isn’t unpleasant, it didn’t smell like green tea to me.

When I took off the mask, my skin felt patronizingly moisturized; you know, the feeling that only the surface is moisturized, and even that disappears after a short while. I definitely wouldn’t say that this is a good hydrating mask.

I thought the details right to the very edge was a nice touch though. I mean, most people might not even see the sides when wearing the mask, yet they still bothered to put in effort to design and print it.


We had a lot of fun laughing, making funny/demented faces, and snapping photos:



The main appeal of this mask lies in its novelty rather than the hydrating functions which it supposedly has.

If you’re hoping to get serious performance out of this mask, you will probably be disappointed. Otherwise, this mask is great as a souvenir and for a good laugh!

Rating: 3/5



At 324 yen apiece, this mask is not cheap. But I think it is acceptable for the fun it provided and the fact that it’s likely a one-off purchase. I bought it from a typical drugstore in Japan. It can be found online at Amazon and Ebay.

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  • Reply Maya 5 January 2016 at 6:01 am

    So funny the masks, your pics are great :) I love character masks, and these look like a must hsave for the fun purshase. How did you like the results ? like an average mask?

    xxx Maya

    • Reply Rin 6 January 2016 at 3:01 pm

      They were definitely fun, but like I mentioned above, they didn’t provide any benefits apart from laughter. I didn’t find my skin to be more moisturized or different in any way :(

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