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Review: Etude House Bling Me Prism Eyes

20 August 2015


I was looking for a highlighter for the inner eye corner and chanced upon Etude House’s Summer Collection. Naturally, I ended buying three times the number of items I started out to buy. To be honest, I’ve never (like never, never) worn orange or pink eyeshadow before, but they looked so summery and pretty on the model I decided to add them to the cart along with the white! Can you say effective marketing?


These are my first cream eyeshadows as I only started using eyeshadows last year. I dotted a few dots on my right eyelid and patted them in. In my dim bedroom light, I decided I should do another layer.


When I went out to the living room and saw myself under bright light, I just burst out laughing. These cream eyeshadows are super pigmented and a little really goes a long way! I went back to the room and did just one layer on my left eye:

Etude House-Bling Me Prism Eyes

My husband came home halfway and he literally stopped in his tracks when he saw my made up face. Then he said, “You remind me of Naruto…” (Naruto is my favorite anime character)

Training my narrowed (cosplay-like) eyes on him, I slowly and very deliberately asked, “And you’re saying this in a good way… right?”

He hastily answered in the affirmative, and seemingly in honesty rather than just to save his skin, so… YEAH! NARUTO SAGE MODE ON!!! (female version)

All 3 colors on eyes

It was lots of fun playing with the colors!


These cream eyeshadows are very creamy and smooth and – who can forget – pigmented! I also like how the fine shimmers subtly add an extra dimension without being too sparkly and overdone. Although I love the vibrant look above, I dial back on application for everyday wear. They last a long time too – I wore them today for 10 hours straight and the colors barely budged!

Even though I bought the white to use on the inner eye corners, the applicator proved to be far too fat and awkwardly shaped to be used in such a tiny, delicate area, so I will reserve the white for highlighting the brow bone.

Apart from that, these are absolutely lovely eyeshadows that I happily recommend! They are such value for money too!

Rating: 4/5



I bought these for $6.93 each from ibuybeauti. Total shipping for these 3 was just $2.20 from Korea to Japan, which is really reasonable. I was most surprised by their generosity with gifts though! For my tiny order, they gave me 2 mask sheets and 2 samples!

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Have you tried these or any other products from the Bling Me Prism summer collection?

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