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Review: Beyond Save Us Lipstick (04 Orange)

6 October 2015


Have you heard of the brand, Beyond?

I only learned about this brand when a friend gave me products from this brand she bought on her Korea trip. When I later went to Korea myself, I found out that it is actually a pretty big brand there! Let me introduce you to it:

Beyond is an eco-friendly brand from LG Korea (yeah, the same LG that makes your TVs and aircons lol) with a focus on creating products that are kind to both the skin and the environment. They are also strongly against animal testing, and this is reflected in several products, with a portion of the proceeds going to saving animals. This lipstick happens to be one of them!

Let me first show you all the colors in this “Save Us” collection.

ARE THEY CUTE OR ARE THEY CUTE?!!! *spazzes from cuteness overload*

Each lipstick is carved out in the shape of one of the endangered animals, and it’s incredibly detailed, right down to their little eyes and ears! How can they make lipsticks so cute?!!

I think I read somewhere that Beyond donates money towards the animal on the lipstick purchased. Charity and beauty at the same time? Win-win!

Beyond Save Us Lipstick

The color I have has the metallic portion emblazoned with red pandas aka lesser panda, the animal for this color! I LOVE red pandas and was so happy I got this! (lucky! my friend asked us to pick randomly)

The red panda is actually wearing goggles and a sash with teeny tiny “Save us” words carved in! THIS LIPSTICK IS TRYING TO KILL ME WITH CUTENESS.

At the bottom of the case is a clear window so that you can quickly tell at a glance the color inside. Super handy!

It has a very light lemony scent, but not of the toilet freshener or detergent variety, fortunately, and only obvious if you deliberately sniff it.

It is very creamy and applies easily! Here’s a look at the color:

It remains smooth throughout the entire wear and didn’t become sticky like some lipsticks can get. Staying power is pretty decent as well.


Overall, I quite like this lipstick! I used to not wear lipsticks AT ALL because I hate how it clings and makes the lips unbreathable. Eh, does it make sense to anyone else? Anyway, I’m slowly getting used to and even liking wearing lipsticks! Kinda wanna kick myself for forgetting to buy another color from this series on my Korea trip, sigh.

Rating: 4/5



I received it as a gift from my friend, so I don’t know how much it sells for, but Amazon says it’s about $20.

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