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Review: Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence

12 August 2015


I picked this up while browsing in the Nature Republic store. I’ve never heard of this product before but argan has worked pretty well on my hair, I needed a hair serum, and this was on sale…


This is a hair oil that claims to restore moisture and nutrition to damaged hair, while making it smooth and silky.

Typically, I will towel-dry my hair, apply some of this essence (about 3 pumps for my hair length), blow dry my hair and then apply a bit more essence (1.5 more pumps). While it’s an oil, it does not make hair feel or look greasy, and is easily absorbed by my hair. It’s more viscous than pure oil, but not overly thick.


I’m finally nearing the end of the bottle now, and there is only one reason why I continued using it for this long. The scent. Damn, does it smell divine! Even my husband commented that my hair smells lovely! (which is amazing because we know guys never notice things like these!)

Apart from the nice fragrance it gives my hair, it honestly doesn’t do much else for me. It did calm the flyaway ends ever so slightly, but any product of that consistency will do that. An hour later, my hair looks as if I didn’t apply anything on it at all. There is no visible improvement in hair texture or quality. Moisture? Nutrition? Smoothness? Nothing whatsoever.


It might just be the kind of hair I have (thick, naturally wavy and chemically damaged from dyes and perms), but I did not see any kind of improvement in my hair condition with this product. If I ever repurchase it, it’s to use it as a hair fragrance, nothing more. But at least this hair fragrance’s scent comes mostly from argan oil rather than artificial chemicals that is used in many hair fragrances.

I’ll need to search elsewhere to find myself a hair serum to help improve my hair in other ways apart from the smell (recommendations are extremely welcome!)

Rating: 3/5



I bought it at 7,900 won during a sale.

Otherwise, $12.96 on Amazon, $12.96
S11.90 on

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  • Reply karen 14 August 2015 at 2:57 pm

    yeah! Happy that you have a beauty blog now! pop champagne*
    I have serious addiction to buying too many skincare/cosmetics that I can use, and constantly wanting to try more.. hehehe….

    I’m looking for a hair serum too. Currently using the utena yuzu oil. Same verdict as your argan oil- smells damn good but it didn’t fix my dry ends. However, it does smooth it out for quite sometime once applied. And it can be used for scalp treatment and hot towel treatment (I’m too lazy to try it that way).

    I tried the hyped up expensive Loreal keratase elixir hair oil too. It smooths hair out but did not fix the problem. If I stop applying it, the hair fly everywhere the next day. Stopped using it cos it irritates my skin on the neck *Chemicals!

    I am planning to try tsubaki hair oil next. Have you tried it before?

    • Reply Rin 14 August 2015 at 8:57 pm

      Hello!!! *clinks champagne glass* And that sounds just like me! XD

      I’ve also tried the Keratase elixir many years ago! Same verdict. Sigh. Sucks that it irritated your skin on top of not treating your hair!

      I’ve actually tried Tsubaki hair oil (the popular Oshima brand). I will admit I wasn’t very diligent in applying it everyday (more like every other week lol), which may be why I didn’t really see any difference. Then it turned rancid after a couple of months when it was still 90% full :( Maybe I should re-look at trying it again…

      Darn, are there no hair serums that treat dry hair?!!

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