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Review: Missha Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel

28 July 2015


I was googling for a facial scrub/exfoliator and I came across this Missha product, so I purchased it online. What I didn’t know then was how awesome it was going to be…





A milky, watery gel consistency

How to use

I start with a cleansed and thoroughly dried face. These two points are very important!

Then I squeezed out a small dollop (a little goes a long way!), dotted it all over my face and gently massaged in circular motions.

I kept massaging until small balls of white stuff formed.


This is obviously not my face.
I don’t know why I’m clarifying this.

That’s the dead skin right there!

If my face is still moist (i.e. there’s still more gel), I continue massaging. I keep doing it until the gel is used up and the face is dry.

Thereafter, I rinse off with warm water and pat my face dry.


Clean design that comes in a tube with a twist cap. Simple but practical.

Texture & Scent

A watery gel with a light, pleasant scent that reminds me of aqua… oh wait. Am I just influenced by the product’s name? But it’s just a really nice, comforting scent! I would prefer for it to be less strong, but I suspect it’s just my picky nose speaking.


The very first time I dried my face and touched it after using this, I almost squealed in surprise. My face was BABY SMOOTH.

I swear. Smooth as a baby’s cheeks. Baby’s butt. Whatever it is you find smoothest, my face felt like it.

My skin is usually pretty smooth (not boasting, just stating the facts for full disclosure), but seriously, this took it up several notches. It has worked the same every single time I’ve used it. (I use it about once a week btw)

I don’t notice the brightening effect so much, but definitely the skin renewal and detoxification effects.

As if it’s not reason enough, it also has a super attractive price tag – only $15 OMGWTBBQSAUCE – and 100ml that lasts forever and a half. I suspect I won’t be able to finish this tube in my lifetime. (I’m going to live to a ripe old age, in case you’re wondering)

Try it; I really highly recommend it!




$11.68 on Amazon
S$14.49 on Qoo10.sg

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  • Reply Natalia McAvoy 5 December 2016 at 12:04 am

    Hi! I’ve tried this peeling gel and I must say I really love it too, it doesn’t make my skin dry unlike other peeling stuff that I’ve tried and it does remove some of my blackheads. I was wondering though, the price somehow is a bit too pricey for me, can you tell me which korean product that does have the similar result like missha super aqua d-tox peeling gel? thanks alot!

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