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Beauty Goals for 2016

15 January 2016

Wow, we are already halfway into the first month of 2016!

*in a small voice* and this is my first post here…


Anyhow! Here’s hoping that this new year will bring lots of happiness and joy to everyone!

As is fitting for a first post of the year, I’d like to list down my resolutions/goals for this year. These are nice to have because they give me a direction and end point to work towards. This post will focus on resolutions/goals related to beauty only. Jumping right into it:

1. Buy less, use more

I have a bad habit of buying way more than I can use. That famous toner that was re-released? That widely-acclaimed BB cushion? That sleeping pack that everyone raves about? *ROARS* I NEED THEM ALL!

But truth is, I don’t need them. I simply want them. And I want them even though I have a cupboard full of stuff I haven’t even opened yet.

This year I will try to quell the hoarder in me and try to use things up before I go out to buy more.

2. Shop locally

Korean products are currently all the rage in the Asian beauty world, whether it be in the realm of skincare or cosmetics. Not only are there many great products, but they are innovative, eye-catching and best of all, generally pretty affordable! Due to this, I often relegate Japanese products to the back burner and I sometimes forget that there are pretty awesome products locally too!

I mean, I’m right here in Japan, and it’s actually kind of silly how I ignore all the Japanese products I have access to and go online to shop Korean products instead. I’ll give Japanese products more TLC this year!

3. Healthy, glowing skin

This actually comes in two parts.

First, I would like to find a skincare routine and products that work for me, because…

Second, I want to achieve healthy, glowing skin!

It’s not a dream, is it?

4. Moisturize

I’m really horrible about moisturizing, because I find it to be such a drag. It takes so much time, leaves my hands feeling icky when I have to go do other stuff after, it’s so cold standing there moisturizing my legs (no central heating in Japan, guys!), etc etc.

No more excuses this year.

5. Write more

This one is blog-related. I have lots to write about, and I want to! But for one reason or another, I just… don’t get around to it… (like how late this post is >_>)

Therefore, goal for 2016: One post a week!

Now, we’ll start counting this from this week, and ignore the fact that we’re two weeks into 2016 and there’s only one post so far, ok?

Yep, those are my goals for 2016! Pretty simple, but… we’ll have to see how well I fare with them!

How about you? What are your goals for 2016? (doesn’t have to be beauty-related!)

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