Hi there! My name is Rin for short. I blog on triplerin.com and this blog is actually a sub-blog (thus the URL) as I wanted to carve out a space exclusively for beauty talk.

I’m from Singapore, but living in Japan now. If you’re interested about my life and adventures here, feel free to pop by triplerin.com! It contains much more info about me than I can squeeze in here ;)

I do not consider myself a beauty “guru” or anything like that. Far from it, in fact!

I still can’t tell the function of one makeup brush from the next (WHY are there so many types of brushes anyway?!) and I don’t even know what Mac NC color I am. Why? Because I’ve never owned a MAC product before. (are those gasps I hear?) Or Estee Lauder, or Dior, or any of those luxury brands for that matter.

In Japan, there are many quality drugstore brands, add to that the rapidly blossoming Korean brands… there are way too many products to try, not quite enough money, and #onlyoneface. So I always go for pocket-friendly options where possible. However, there will also be occasions where I splurge on non-drugstore-priced products. I solemnly swear it’s only because the product will not stop calling my name unless I buy it.

I hope you will enjoy joining me on the journey in learning and exploring the world of beauty (and all its products!)


On this blog, I will be mainly sharing my thoughts on products via reviews. I rely heavily on reviews before making most purchases and therefore want to help others with my own experiences too. Often, there products where there is little to no reviews on it (like domestic Japanese brands) and I hope to be able to fill that gap, no matter how slightly.

Also, it makes me feel a little better knowing that all the money I’ve spent, all the crazy number of products I’ve amassed, is justified through these reviews. So I can go out and shop more! Hehehe.

… did I did just say that out loud?

If I get into the mood, I might also pen an article or two on beauty. Someday, I’d like to venture into sharing looks too! But… one baby step at a time :)


Skin: Asian; Fair but with freckles, on the dry side, slightly sensitive.
Eye color: Black. Many asians have dark brown eyes, but mine are obsidian black.
Eyelids: Hooded. The kind that makes eyeliner smudge like crazy. Whee.

My smile is a bit wonky now because I’m currently undergoing teeth correction and wearing Invisalign. Beautiful smile in… October 2016. Still such a long way off!

I generally like and use Japanese and Korean products, but will also pick up non-Asian products, especially if it comes highly recommended!


Did you like my post? Was it helpful? Tell me! I never tire of hearing from readers, especially if they are compliments, heh. If anything, it’s the fuel that keeps me going!

If you have any questions (that I haven’t already addressed), please comment on the post itself rather than emailing me so that other people can see it as well and I don’t have to keep repeating myself. I’m a strong proponent of efficiency!

For PR-related enquires, please use the contact form.


  • Reply Jenny 21 August 2016 at 11:16 am

    Rin, love your humor and candidness — very refreshing! Your blogs are well written, in-depth and funny! Great combo. Keep it up and thanks for taking us along on your journey! I’m going to Tokyo in December and can’t wait to park myself in Matsumotokiyoshi for an entire day!

    A happy Canadian

    • Reply Rin 21 August 2016 at 9:33 pm

      Hi Jenny, thank you for your extremely kind words! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip to Tokyo. Just be sure to check out other places apart from Matsumotokiyoshi ;)

      p.s. I love Canada!

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